Remembering Mr. ZIP

MrZIPThe U.S. Post Office – now the U.S. Postal Service – introduced ZIP codes in 1963. They engaged Mr. ZIP to promote their use. Check him out in this groovy song.

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A Nickel and A Dime


rePlanet, the largest private recycling operation of its kind in California, recently shut down 191 beverage container redemption depots, including 17 of 19 here in Sonoma County. More than 275 people lost their jobs.

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What the Cool Kids Wear

img59032544Of course, I have no idea what the cool kids are wearing. (I admit to feeling bad for so many young women who can’t afford to buy new jeans and are forced to go around wearing pants with rips all over the legs.) I do see a lot of high-schoolers with “Hollister” featured prominently on their clothes. It makes me wonder if the people buying the Hollister brand would be so eager to display it if they had ever been to Hollister, California.

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