Talkin’ ’bout My Generation



People try to put us d-down
Just because we get around
Things they look so awful c-cold
I hope I die before I get old

“There’s a good reason many people are calling the Desert Trip music festival  “Oldchella”: The average age of the audience is 51; for the headlining acts, it’s 72.”

“To buy a seat at Desert Trip runs anywhere from $699 to $1,599. Some VIP packages with better access cost more than $3,000. Three-day general admission passes for the standing area behind the seated audience sold out immediately for $399. Entry for a single day is $199.”

Is it the money… or the ego?

Wherever you are, there’s probably good music at a local venue. And without the long lines to the rest rooms… the older the crowd the longer the line to the men’s room.

Some Personality on the Crossing

img_1940Portland’s Tilikum Crossing opened about a year ago. The bridge is open to buses, streetcars, light rail, bicycles and pedestrians. No truck or auto traffic. Walkers and bikers travel side by side, each with a designated lane. A guerilla artist apparently decided the symbols were lacking character, and so added some personality.




There’s Always a Silver Lining

brangelinaYes, we’re all very upset that Brangelina is now Brad and Angelina separately. But for Norwegian Air, it’s a marketing opportunity. Knowing that many people want to be in the same place as Brad, they’re offering special fares to LAX. Curiously, they’re not doing the same for Angelina devotees.