The Great Monster Cereal Panic

cereal-aisleSales of cold cereal have been declining in recent years. The quick and smarmy answer would be it’s the millennial generation. They don’t eat cereal because it’s too much trouble to clean the bowl afterwards. Critics claim ready-to-eat cereal has much too much sugar and little nutritional value. Whatever the reason, it’s not as worrisome as the great Franken Berry Stool scare of the seventies.

Panicked mothers rushed their children to emergency rooms around the nation, fearing internal bleeding. Turned out it was merely the red dye General Mills used to give their Red Razberry Zingers cereal its appealing color. Similar outcomes resulted from eating Count Chocula, Boo Berry and other sugar- and color-filled “Monster” cereals marketed to children.

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Tale of Two Harrises

harris-teslaTesla drivers traveling between Los Angeles and the Bay Area stop at Harris Ranch in Coalinga for a meal. It’s a good place for serious carnivores to be seen and to meet for serious power lunches. On-site stations charge electric vehicles while their owners eat and schmooze.

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Keeping Unpleasantness Out of Sight

img_1958There may or may not be more homeless people these days. They definitely are more visible, though. The city of Portland may have a solution to homeless encampments. A viaduct for buses and light rail approaching the Tilikum Crossing opened about a year ago. To date not a single tent has been set up underneath the overpass. The photos may explain why.

img_1960 img_1959

Talkin’ ’bout My Generation



People try to put us d-down
Just because we get around
Things they look so awful c-cold
I hope I die before I get old

“There’s a good reason many people are calling the Desert Trip music festival  “Oldchella”: The average age of the audience is 51; for the headlining acts, it’s 72.”

“To buy a seat at Desert Trip runs anywhere from $699 to $1,599. Some VIP packages with better access cost more than $3,000. Three-day general admission passes for the standing area behind the seated audience sold out immediately for $399. Entry for a single day is $199.”

Is it the money… or the ego?

Wherever you are, there’s probably good music at a local venue. And without the long lines to the rest rooms… the older the crowd the longer the line to the men’s room.