Race and Self-Deception

Nicholas Kristof grew up on a farm in Yamhill, Oregon. He works for the New York Times, traveling the world, reporting from wherever there is human suffering. In 2005, when pundit Bill O’Reilly was promoting his annual “War on Christmas,” Kristof offered to show him what war really looked like.

“If you want to do something journalistic, come along with me on my next trip to Darfur. You’ll have to leave your studio and deal with people who, if they don’t like you, will shoot you in a moment. But you’ll also have the chance to take a genuinely important and overlooked story and bring it into people’s homes. So come on, Bill. What’ll it be? More ranting from your studio? Or real journalism?”

Mr. O’Reilly did not take him up on the offer.

Mr. Kristof recently published a piece on a timely subject: race and white delusion.

“My hunch is that we will likewise look back and conclude that today’s calls for racial justice, if anything, understate the problem — and that white America, however well meaning, is astonishingly oblivious to pervasive inequity.”

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Urban Driving

A Picture Story

IMG_1896Traffic coming towards you becomes one-way. Traffic going away from you is two-way. Traffic entering intersection from your right can go straight or turn left.

IMG_1899When I navigate this intersection, I am in the right lane, as I am usually traveling straight ahead.

The left lane can go straight or turn left.

Turning left with red light onto a one-way street is legal.

IMG_1900It appears one driver wanting to turn has become annoyed waiting behind drivers who won’t turn until the light is green.

IMG_1901Annoyed enough post instructions on the back of a street sign.

Deja Vu All Over Again

Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

In the 1974 movie Chinatown, an aggrieved wife hires private detective Jake Gittes (Jack Nicholson) to get the goods on her adulterous husband. Jake finds himself caught up in murder, incest and a scheme by corrupt Los Angeles officials to steal water for their municipal supply. (Jake also gets to partake in some adultery himself, with Faye Dunaway. But that’s getting off-topic.)

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