Visualizing Wind

It gets windy on the Oregon Coast. A sculpture alongside Highway 101 near Gold Beach evokes the breezy conditions.

The figure heads into the wind, fighting to hold on to an armload of books.
The statue keeps vigil outside an aptly-named gallery.

Slip Sliding Away

The current occupant of the White House says that the fires burning in the West are simply the result of bad environmental laws and water wasted by letting rivers flow into the ocean. (Scientists disagree; they say it’s the changing climate.) But maybe the folks in Malibu want to agree with him. They might want less water in the ocean. Melting icebergs have already covered beaches and sand, and now the water is working on coastal cliffs. The U.S. Geological Survey projects are that by the end of this century, cliffs will have eroded as much as 130 feet inland. Much of the California coastline is already protected by sea walls, which have the unintended consequence of speeding up the loss of sand on the beaches.

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